Tilburg Castle

On the 14th of July from 11:30 until 19.00 Come join us at Tilburg Spoorpark for a day full of sport and crafting events inspired by Asian culture.

Join this event fully free!

Dutch version

Castle Run (12+)

Are you ready for a thrilling mix of competition and adventure?
Then the Castle Run is perfect for you and your friends!
Are you brave enough to conquer the most epic obstacle course with three of your friends?
Featuring high obstacle courses, wacky obstacles, and hilarious games, this isn’t your average course it’s a full-blown adventure.
Success depends on teamwork, as only through solid cooperation can you reach the finish line!
But beware, it’s not a walk in the, this course is designed for the toughest, most determined participants!
Not much of a team player?
No problem! Solo runs are available at certain times of the day, for those seeking a solo thrill.
And the cherry on the cake?
The fastest team of the day takes home the beloved cup!

Asian Market

Step into the vibrant atmosphere of the Asian market, where creativity, enjoyment, and games reign supreme.Here, you’ll discover an array of exhilarating activities and amusing games!
Remember last year?
The K-pop dance group was a hit, and this year promises to be even more thrilling!
Join us as we groove to various dance moves with the crowd so lace up your dancing shoes and let’s get moving!

Animal Cosplay

Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of your favorite animal?
This year, TilburgCastle is hosting a competition where you can dress up as your favorite animal.
The person wearing the most beautiful and eye-catching animal costume will win a prize!